CSP: Digital Information


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PBL by Silver Oaks

About this course

Unlike a traditional introduction to programming, we will try to explore many of the foundational ideas of computing so all of us understand how these concepts are transforming the world we live in.

In Google Classroom answer the following two questions

  1. What’s something that you know a lot about? 
  2. Something that you could teach somebody?

You can also view your classmates answers and discuss on. Watch the video here to discover how to go about it..


Rapid prototype


People seem to say that technology is all around us, that it affects everything we do. Is that true? Technological innovation is about recognizing a problem that needs to be solved, or recognizing something needs improving and then building a tool to solve it.

As a class we’re going to see how innovative we can be. We’re going to do something called “rapid prototyping.”

“Prototype” is a fancy word that means a simple sketch of an idea or model for something new. It’s the original drawing from which something real might be built or created.


Part 1

Individual Activity

  • Write down your area of interest
    eg: Music, Dance, Photography, Science etc..
  • Now think how technology has been used in your area of interest
  • Now make a suggestion for either
    • a way that technology might be improved to make it better, faster, easier to use
    • a creative or innovative new technology that might help solve some problem within that area, or at least make it better.

Part 2

  • Start to sketch out that idea on a paper. Make a visual representation of your ideas.
  • Take a picture of it (preferably in portrait mode) and upload it in Google Classroom

This is a rapid prototype, come up with something to quickly convey that idea


Computer Science is Changing Everything

We are just starting this class, but you all bring passions and knowledge about things you care about. And whatever those things are it is likely (if not inevitable) that they involve computing technology in some way.

Everyone of you are unique and hence it is vital you bring your individual interests and perspectives to this course.

Rapid Prototype

Students Work